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The slab and bark hut in colonial Australia

The slab and bark hut is a major feature of colonial Australia. My first ancestors, all from the British Isles, lived in rural New South Wales. The accommodation of my great-great-grandparents Wilson and Jones, about whom I write in FROM PRISON HULK TO THREE BEDROOM HOME  would have been a hut like this:

Slab and Bark Hut

There is much information about bark and slab huts. Interesting sites are here and here.

UPDATE: Me ‘n’ Pete will now cover years 1946-1953

By the time I reached 1954 in the second book of my family history I realised that I had too material for one book covering the years 1946-1958. Besides, the years 1946 to 1953 represented a neat self-contained phase in my life, the life of my family, and the social history of Australia. Australia was recovering from the war years, society was on the move, and American influence in all spheres of Australian life was increasing. There was also a shift or an increase in my consciousness of the world around me. For these reasons I decided to close the second book at the end of 1953, and prepare a third book covering the years 1954-1958. The third book will bring me up to January 1959 when I was on the point of starting high school.

Extensive revision of Part One of my family history

The reason I put back the publication of the second part of my family history, Me ‘n’ Pete – Recalling a Fifties Childhood, is that I have undertaken a revision of the first part, From Prison Hulk to Three Bedroom Home. The revision was necessary because in the meantime I had found a lot more information about both sides of my family (mother’s and father’s) and third cousin, Bob Wilson, had compiled all his research on the Wilson and Jones lines in several booklets. Some of that information was missing in the original edition. The revised edition will be around 15,000 words longer and will be ready for posting online in November 2014.

Me ‘n’ Pete – release date put back

With the best of intentions I have not been able to keep up the rate that would see me finish the first draft of Me ‘n’ Pete: Recalling a Fifties Childhood by July. Another  (necessary) writing task has intervened to distract me. It will be a couple of months before I can get back to Me ‘n’ Pete. I hope to have the first draft finished by the end of the year. The later chapters (1954 onwards) are requiring a lot more research than I anticipated.