Cardinal Pell Appeal

The following are links to articles and comments on Cardinal Pell’s failed appeal.

Australian Justice in the Dock – George Weigel, First Things

Cardinal Pell Appeal: Delusion piled on delusion – Robin Speed, President of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia, News Weekly

Falsely, Matilda – George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy centre

A judge’s doubts – Professor Melbourne Law School

The questions that linger after Cardinal Pell’s Appeal – Gerard Bradley, Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame in the US

The Networks that Snared George Pell, Paul Collits, Quadrant

Cardinal Pell is innocent. Those who persecute him are not – Michael Warren Davis, Crisis Magazine

The Contradictions of the Choirboy, Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

Insinuate…Incriminate… Incarcerate, Peter Smith, Quadrant

NCC Online Briefing – Peter Westmore of the National Civic Council

Double Standards in the Court of Appeal, Keith Windschuttle, Quadrant

When the Barely Possible Counts Against You, Peter Smith, Quadrant

The Pell Outrage: ‘Vibe’ Trumps Veracity, Peter Luck, Quadrant

A Certain Disease of the Law – The Catholic World Report, Dr Douglas Farrow

C.L. : No Country for old Catholics – Catallaxy Files

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