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Amazon Synod to Renew Bizarre ‘Catacomb Pact’

There is a blaze of commentary about the undisguised pagan activity in the Vatican during the so-called Amazon Synod, including powerful insightful comment from people on the traditional Catholic side. Dr Taylor Marshall and Church Militant are excelling. Dr Marshall with his sidekick Timothy Gordon is terrific on the theological and philosophical implications. Michael Voris continues to pound the clerical weak minds running the show. But for me, the third member of the trio I follow, Michael Matt of Remnant newspaper, is out there leading the charge. His videos are a combination of cold-sober dissection and satirising of the absurdities the Vatican people think we can’t see through. I will continue to provide the link to the best of Matt’s videos.


VATICAN ( – Synod fathers are proposing the creation of an “Amazonian Rite” that will allow the ordination of women to the diaconate and married men to the priesthood.

From left to right: Matteo Bruni, Abp. Rino Fisichellaand Bp. Mário Antônio da Silva 

On Friday, the Vatican published summaries of the synod fathers’ small circle working groups, with cardinals grouped according to language. The majority of working groups did not mention an Amazonian rite, female ordination or married priests, but a vocal minority, involving Italian Groups A and B, Portuguese Groups A and B and Spanish Groups C and D, promoted some or all of these ideas.

Italian Group A, moderated by Bp. Flavio Giovenale, proposed ordaining women as acolytes: “We propose that the ministry of lector and acolyte also be conferred to women, religious or lay, adequately trained and prepared.”

Portuguese Group A stressed that new paths for ordained ministries are “necessary and urgent” and the ordination of women would give “a feminine and maternal face to the Church.”

Italian Group B stressed that the new rite should be allowed to develop its own spirituality, theology, liturgy and discipline based on the “singular richness of the Catholic Church in the Amazonia.”

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The Amazon Synod Revives the Myth of the Noble Savage


“These liberation theologians are promoting the idea that the Indians who still live in a primitive way are very happy, living in paradise,” said Macuxi tribal chief Jonas Marcolino Macuxí, referring to bishops at the pan-Amazon synod. “But that’s not true.”

He’s right. The myth of the noble savage is alive and well at the synod, as the assembly of bishops discuss how best to evangelize the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest, as well as “let ourselves be evangelized by them,” in the words of Pope Francis. The Pope wants the Catholic Church to listen to and learn from those peoples who live in “harmony with oneself, with nature, with human beings and with the supreme being,” as quoted in the synod’s working document.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau would be proud. That leading light of the French Enlightenment imagined people living in a state of nature untouched by Western civilization to be ensconced in an idyllic world of peace and kindness. “Nothing could be more gentle than man in his primitive state,” he proclaimed.

Compare Rousseau’s view to that of his intellectual arch-rival Thomas Hobbes, who held that life in a state of nature involved endless war and “continual fear of danger and violent death,” famously writing of primeval man’s existence being “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

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Quo Vadis Pope Francis?

This last week, those who have been following the Amazon Synod in the Vatican were exposed to a pagan Mother Earth ritual in the Vatican gardens with Pope Francis and sundry prelates looking on approvingly. If that enthronement of the Goddess was not enough, we now receive news that a banner featuring a naked Amazon native breastfeeding what appears to be a weasel (below) is hanging prominently in the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina . John Henry Western comments on the horror on the LifeSite website.

The banner features in the video below where the breast-sucking animal and the rest of the banner are shown more graphically. The Salette apparitions claimed the Vatican would be become the seat of the anti-Christ. And so it has in the form of the Goddess and Mother Earth.

Are climate alarmists frauds?

Tony Heller has posted a video ‘My gift to Climate Alarmists’ in which he shows how the scientific data can easily be manipulated, and has been manipulated, to conjure the fraud of global warming.

James Stansbury comments on the video in New slam-dunk video exposes global warming fraud in 12 minutes.

Don’t you just like the brazenness of the left? The trouble is, they succeed with their scams most of the time.

Jock Palfreeman and Bulgarian Justice

I have opened a page on Jock Palfreeman the Australian jailed in Bulgaria for killing a Bulgarian student son of a Bulgarian politician with enormous pull. The page provides news and updates on the case. If ever there was a case for Australian government intervention in overseas issues, this is it. Palfreeman has spent 11 years in jail, a third of his life. It’s enough whatever the case. Australia and Australians must raise their voice to what has become a political jailing engineered by powerful political forces behind the scenes.

Ross Fitzgerald reviews my Abbott Book

Emeritus Professor Ross Fitzgerald reviewed TONY ABBOTT AND THE TIMES OF REVOLUTION on his website. The review also appears in the latest edition of Quadrant.

History Repeating Itself

Decades before Tony Abbott, as our 28th prime minister, was challenging the zeitgeist by scrapping the carbon tax, stopping the boats and knighting Prince Philip, he’d been annoying the hell out of the campus left as a student leader, as this fascinating book revels in telling. In Tony Abbott and the Times of Revolution, Gerard Wilson sets out to do three things: to claim Abbott as Australia’s leading “Burkean conservative”; to analyse the university counter-culture that had developed by the mid-1970s; and to show the consistency of Abbott’s thinking over the past forty years.

What shines through in this rather wordy book is Abbott’s determination to make a difference, his political courage, and the constancy of his convictions.  As well, there’s the relentlessness of the left’s campaign to get him, even as a campus politician, and the ambivalence towards him of careerists on his own side of the political landscape.

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