Ancestors 1800s

Wilson, Harris and Jones ancestors

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Copy of James J Wilson2
James Joseph Wilson (1809-1889) great-grandfather x 2

Elizabeth Harris Wilson great great grandmother
Elizabeth Harris nee Harris (1823-1896) wife of Michael Jones and Luke Conroy – great-grandmother x 2

Patience White_Harris
Patience White (1799-1892) wife of Thomas Harris – great grandmother x 3

Joe Jones son Michael Jones brother Mary Jane
Joe Jones (1845-1935) son of Michael Jones and Elizabeth Harris

James and Mary Jane Wilson and family

James Patrick Wilson (1844-1906) great-grandfather andson of James Joseph Wilson, wife Mary Jane Jones sitting (1847-1910) great-grandmother – Edith Hewett (1876-1955) right of James Patrick, wife of Tom (John Thomas) Wilson (1866-1948) son of James Patrick and Mary Jane Wilson – others as yet unidentified though clearly family

Copy of Sara Conroy 13 yrs, Tom 6 yrs, Mary Jane Wilson, Lily 8 yrs adjust

Mary Jane Wilson, great-grandmother and (from left) Sara Conroy, Tom (John Thomas) and Lilly (Florence) Wilson

Bert Thomas Leo and Percy 22 Oct 1945
Bert (grandfather), Thomas, Leo and Percy Wilson, sons of James Patrick and Mary Jane Wilson

John Jones
John Jones (1843-1923) son of Michael and Elizabeth Jones

McGroder, Steele and Meredith line

Kate Smith nee McGroder mardie sister (3)
Kate McGroder (1841-1915) wife of John Wynne (1840-1918)

Catherine (Kate) McGroder
Kate McGroder (1841-1915) wife of John Wynne (1840-1918)

John McGroder snr
John McGroder (1844-1920) great-grandfather and son of Bryan and Elizabeth McGroder, great-grandparents x 2, and husband of Ellen Burgess

Granny McGroder nee Helen Burgess (3)
Ellen Burgess (1851-1934), great-grandmother x 2,  daughter John Burgess and wife of John McGroder

Granny Ellen McGroder and Son Hilary (3)
Ellen McGroder (Burgess) and son Hilary (1890-1959)

Heather sitting and Ellen McGroder3 (3)
Heather (left 1893-1992) and Ellen Maria McGroder (1891-1969) grandmother, daughters of John and Ellen McGroder

Perce Steele Sarah Ann Gibbins Lorna Coffey (2)
Grandson Percy Steele and Sarah Ann Gibbins (1843-1923) great-grandmother x 2,  wife of William Steele (1823-1907)

Henriette nee Doubleday & Sidney Alexander Steele great grandparents (2)
Henrietta Doubleday (1873-1929) and Sidney Alexander Steele (1865-1951) great-grandparents

Goulburn Alderman Sidney Steele right
Sidney Alexander Steele (right)

Great Grandfather Sidney Steele in middle (2)
Sidney Alexander Steele (middle)

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