Kangaroo court for men

‘I see you. I hear you. I believe you.’

Cardinal Pell, Christian Porter, Bruce Lehrmann . . .


$15 Million Verdict Against Thomas Jefferson Univ. Signals Fall of “Always Believe Women” Movement

Cardinal Pell was not accused by a woman but his case belongs in the same category, as exemplied by former Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. It was the same lynch mob that went after Pell, Porter and Lehrmann. The lying choir boy was in the same category but happened to be male. His identity is protected as it is in most cases concerning lying women.

The occult is central to feminism

It is an irony that women – well-educated articulate women – are laying bare the reality of feminism. In some cases, a female academic has gone back to the roots of feminist theory to enhance her understanding of the movement she wholeheartedly supports, only to find feminism an evil charade. Women have been feminism’s cruelest victims. Dr Carrie Gress discusses the origins of feminism in her well-received book The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy has Destroyed Us. She posits the main elements of feminism as:

  1. The occult
  2. Smashing the Patriarchy
  3. Free love


How Feminist Movement Drew Ideology From the Occult.

The English Romantic poet Percy Shelley, who died in 1822 at age 29, played a significant role in developing the ideas of the feminist movement, author Carrie Gress says. Ideas of the “the occult, smashing the patriarchy, and free love” played a significant role in Shelley’s writing and ideology, says Gress, author of the new book “The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us.”

Shelley was a “barbaric man” who was “involved in the occult,” Gress says. His wife was Mary Shelley, author of the 1818 novel “Frankenstein,” she notes, and Shelley drew on the ideas of her parents—a vision of a “women’s revolution where there’s no monogamy, there’s no marriage, all of these things are just erased, and people just live this bucolic life without any reference to their human nature.”

Shelley’s ideology contributed to the modern feminist movement, a movement that has led to what Gress calls “The End of Woman.” Gress, also a fellow at the Washington-based Ethics and Public Policy Center, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the history of feminism and explain how the feminist movement has harmed women and left women unfulfilled.

A bad pope? – the evidence

If anyone is still left with doubt about Pope Francis, then Henry Sire’s evidence in his article below should remove that doubt.

I was particularly interested in Henry Sire’s suggestion that figures in the Vatican were critical in the raising of the preposterous charges against Cardinal Pell of child sexual abuse, charges the High Court of Australia dismissed. The Pell persecution by colluding figures in government and church was one of the most shocking political episodes in Australia.

The most notorious aspect of this clamp-down was the way Cardinal Pell was got rid of. In 2017 he had to return to Australia to face historic charges of sexual abuse, for which he was sentenced to prison, until his conviction was quashed on appeal three years later. By that time it was too late for him to resume his post at the Vatican. There is every reason to believe that the Australian prosecution was instigated and assisted by figures in the Vatican as a means of stopping his reform, and Cardinal Becciu has been specifically named as the agent of this policy.


Pope Francis: How much lower can we sink?

 Henry Sire, OnePeter5, December 11, 2023

When Joseph Shaw proposed this talk to me in early September, I suggested the title “Pope Francis: how much lower can we sink?”, but the fact is that since then we have been overtaken by events. Over the past eleven years we have all seen Pope Francis’s pontificate in a trajectory of accelerating descent into more and more overt betrayal of Catholic doctrine, but I must say I did not foresee the Gadarene rush we have seen just within the last three months. If we want to assess the very grave events that are happening around us, we need to try and understand the man we now have sitting on the throne of Peter. So before I comment on recent developments I would like to add some details to the picture of Pope Francis which I gave in my book The Dictator Pope, which was first published six years ago.

To give you some background on this book, I should explain that I arrived to work in Rome in April 2013, less than a month after the election of Pope Francis, and I lived there for the next four years. I was working for the Order of Malta, an organisation which has close links to the Holy See, and I quickly began to hear the reports that were privately coming out of the Vatican. They showed a very different Francis from the genial, liberal figure, who was being presented by the world’s media. Insiders were saying that, as soon as the publicity cameras were off him, Francis became a different figure: arrogant, dismissive of people, given to foul language, and notorious for furious outbursts of temper which were known even to the Vatican chauffeurs. Over the next couple of years I continued to hear inside information, for example from the late Cardinal Pell about the internal politics involved in the two Synods on the Family in 2014 and 2015. Let us bear in mind that in his first years Pope Francis had barely shown his hand and that people assumed he was the liberal reformer that the Church supposedly needed. Early in 2016 I wrote an article for Angelico Press titled “Pope Francis: Where is the reformer behind the media idol?” I was beginning to think that somebody needed to write a book disclosing the gulf between the public image of Pope Francis and the reality as seen within the Vatican; but at that stage I did not think that I would be the one to write it.

Besides the information gulf I have described, there was another one stemming from the language barrier. There was in fact a great deal of information which had been available for years about Jorge Bergoglio and his career in Argentina, but it simply had not come through to the rest of the world because it had not been translated into English. Since I am half-Spanish, this was another of the factors that pointed to my shouldering the task that was needed. When I decided to start work on the book, the first thing I did was to make a trip to Argentina, which I did in March 2017, to speak to people who could tell me about Bergoglio’s past record. This was the information that had been sadly lacking to the cardinals when they elected Bergoglio in 2013. In particular, there was a very revealing book which had been written shortly after the papal election, but which had been quickly stamped on, and had since become almost unavailable. The title was El Verdadero Francisco (The Real Francis), by Omar Bello. The author was a public-relations executive who had known Bergoglio personally over the past eight years, having worked for him in a television channel run by the archdiocese of Buenos Aires. As a professional in the field of public relations, Bello was quick to recognise in Bergoglio a master in self-promotion. He also described a man who was accomplished in the covert exercise of power and the manipulation of people.

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Have you ever heard a woman apologize?

In the video below, Dr Orion Taraban explains why few woman apologize in relationships for something they have done – when they are genuinely at fault. But a woman’s disinclination to apologize is not restricted to close relationships. I cannot remember the last time a woman in a service position (shops, restaurants, etc.) apologized for bad service or a faulty product. Sales women in supermarkets are particularly bad.


Why WOMEN DON’T APOLOGIZE: understanding the nature of the problem

Dr Orion Tarban:
‘I’m 40 years-old, and I can count the number of apologies I’ve received from women over the course of my life on one hand. Surprisingly, this is not due to the fact that I have always interacted with virtuous, high-quality, well-behaving women. For whatever reason, women seem to find it particularly difficult to apologize to men — and this is really too bad. In this episode, I’ll discuss the nature of the difficulty, and why it would be in women’s best interests to apologize more often.’

Stonnington Council – the wokest of the absurd woke

One has to look for the non-ideological municipal councils across Australia to discover just how few have not lost their reason and subscribed to wokism. That would be easier than counting those who have been hijacked by the extreme Green-Left. The only question about the hijacking is the degree of lunacy.

When it comes to wokist lunacy, Stonnington Council in an affluent area of inner Melbourne, must take the prize. They truly are what Tony Abbott called a bunch of intolerant millionaire lefties, turning on the people they shake down to gather their funds.

I thought the Mornington Peninsula Council was the champion of green-left wokist lunacy, but Stonnington trumps Mornington.

Wokist green-left councils have a range of crackpot policies that usually go against the wishes of the majority. Mornington shines in this respect. The population of the Mornington Peninsula consists of mostly retirees. It is fact that people of retiring age have no interest in leftist policies in general let alone the crackpottery of the woke class.

But do you think the Mornington Peninsula Council takes notice of the many complaints about their green-left wokist policies. Not on your life. That juvenile bunch of councillors simply give their finger to the oldies – in reality telling them to go and get stuffed. They won’t be changing anything, they have declare.

As I say, the Stonnington councillors have this Christmas season taken wokist action that defies all belief – and puts wokist Mornington to shame. Wokist unreason has so overtaken them that they made up and had printed (obviously at great cost) the street greeting in the photo below. They just could not bring themselves to wish the people of Stonnington a Merry Christmas.

Most normal people would be deeply embarrassed to be found guilty of such idiocy. Not the wokist/green left. Ideology will always overcome feelings of stupidity.

Of course, we are by now familiarwith the justification of such imbecility: inclusiveness. They don’t want people of other cultures feeling left out. A little thought about the argument would show it is contradictory.

Christmas is a centuries old European tradition. Cutting it up in the manner below is to wipe it out. The sign below is an insult to most Australians. Second, to desecrate the tradition of Christmas in favor of other traditions is to admit the integrity of a tradition per se. But surely it is contradictory – at least a double standard – to recognise the integrity of the traditions of foreign cultures but to deny those of Australia.

False and stupid reasoning is of no account to those governed by ideology – an ideology that is bigoted, anti-white, and anglophobic.

Local councils have served their purpose, especially now that the wokist/green left class has taken possession of them. It’s time to get rid of them.


‘Absurd woke-ism’: City of Stonnington urged to “Reinstate ‘Merry Christmas”

A group of inner-Melbourne residents have slammed their local council for removing the word “Christmas” from its holiday messaging.

Jack Evans, 15 December, news.com.au

A small group of inner-east Melbourne residents have slammed their local council for removing the word “Christmas” from its “inclusive” holiday messaging.

This year, the City of Stonnington elected to use the slogan “Make Merry” in some of its public messaging and decorations for the Christmas period.

At the time of publication, some 200 residents of the local government area, which covers some of the state’s wealthiest suburbs, including Armadale, Kooyong, Malvern, Prahran, South Yarra, Toorak and Windsor, have signed a petition demanding the municipality: “Reinstate ‘Merry Christmas.”.

“While we appreciate efforts to promote inclusivity, we believe this change may unintentionally diminish the cultural and religious significance of Christmas for many residents,” petition lead Mikhail Anossovitch wrote

Stonnington City Council has come under fire for its 'Make Merry' Christmas decorations

Stonnington City Council has come under fire for its ‘Make Merry’ Christmas decorations

“Christmas is a time-honoured celebration, and the phrase “Merry Christmas” has long been embraced as a warm and traditional greeting.”

Ms Anossovitch said the community respected the “importance of diversity but argued the change threatened “diluting the unique cultural heritage associated with this festive season.”

“We kindly request that the local council reconsider this change and restore “Merry Christmas” on holiday signs,” she wrote.

Some of the hundreds who signed the petition also shared their thoughts on the council’s decision.

“Christmas is special and does not offend any of my colleagues and friends of other faiths – it only seems to offend atheists in the main so why should they have such disproportionate influence over these decisions,” one wrote.

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Covid and heart disease

During the covid pandemic, and after I had received several vaccinations, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a ‘damaged heart’. That’s the way the cardiologist put it. How did it happen, I asked? Could have been a heart attack, he said. Could have been?

If it was a heart attack, I never felt a thing. I was baffled. I always associated heart attacks with pain, breathlessness, and blue lights to a hospital. Besides, I had had a recent angiogram which showed the arteries to my heart were clear.

The cardiologist remained guarded about the possible cause of my ‘damaged heart’. I only discovered what my heart condition was much later when my GP let slip the word ‘cardiomyopathy’. Is that what I have? Yes, that’s what you have, she said, as if she had said too much.

Then I started to hear and read about the alleged connection between the covid vaccinations and heart disease. Below is the latest article I’ve come across about it. If that connection was ever confirmed, I would be more than furious. The condition of cardiomyopathy has made a dramatic difference to my well-being. Those suffering from cardiomyopathy could drop dead anytime. Who would be responsible?



More Damning COVID Evidence

A US Navy medico says he found major spikes in heart-related ailments among pilots, including heart failure (973%) and cardiomyopathy (152%) over the five-year average.


New data from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) provides further evidence that COVID-19 shots are linked to multiple heart issues.

Lieutenant Ted Macie uploaded a social media post citing a letter confirming that 2021 saw drastic spikes in various diagnoses for serious medical issues over the previous five-year average.

These medical issues included hypertension (2,181%), neurological disorders (1,048%), multiple sclerosis (680%), Guillain-Barre syndrome (551%), breast cancer (487%), female infertility (472%), pulmonary embolism (468%), migraines (452%), ovarian dysfunction (437%), testicular cancer (369%), and tachycardia (302%).

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How smashing the Patriarchy DESTROYED Women

Dr. Carrie Gress joins the show to talk about her book “The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Destroyed Us”. She and Matt talk about Feminism starting with figures born in the 18th Century all the way through modern thinkers. How did Feminism cause Gender Ideology? How did Marxism and Feminism join forces? What were the motivating forces for first wave Feminists? These and many more question are answered in this episode!

Woke Pope to feminize the Church

The ordinary Catholic faithful is left stunned by what this present pope is perpetrating in Holy Mother the Church. Among other things, he is imposing participatory democracy on the Church, a form of government totally incompatible with the hierarchical government of the last two thousand years. He ruthlessly banned the traditional Mass that goes back centuries, showing an appalling lack of charity. He condemns those adhering to the traditional Church as sinful and schismatic. Now he recognises a new sin: masculinity.

He declares there is too much sinful masculinity in the Church and calls upon theologians, particularly feminist theologians, to ‘demasculinize’ the Church. It’s hard to believe these words and actions emanate from the Vicar of Christ.

To demonstrate the need to rid the Church of sinful masculinity he reminds people that “The church is woman. And if we do not understand who women are, what the theology of a woman is, we will never understand what the church is.”

One assumes that Bergoglio is referring to Ephesians 5:22-33 in which St Paul calls the Church the Bride of Christ. Is this symbolic depiction the same as claiming the ‘Church is woman.’ I suppose it is if you’re an agitating feminist theologian. For the rest of us, it shows the pope is sadly confused.

In the same feminist mode of explanation, Bergoglio goes on to refer to two principles in the Church: a “Petrine principle” and a “Marian principle” . He then asserts these two principles ‘describe the important but different roles women and men play in the Catholic Church.’ What?

Don’t the two principles rather refer to two different ways men and woman live out their Catholic faith – one based on Christ the redeemer and the other on the Blessed Virgin Mary, the way of charity and humility?

May I remind His Holiness that Mary declared in the sublime Magnificat that ‘my spirit doth rejoice in God my Savior for He has regarded the humility of his handmaid …’ Mary is a model of humility and compassion for men and women

To claim that the Petrine Principle and the Marian Principle describe roles, one exclusive to men, and one exclusive to women, is, it seems to me, to proclaim a new teaching.

But then again feminists are all about flipping things on their head. Our feminist pope is merely following their theological fantasies.


Pope asks theologians to help ‘de-masculinize’ the church

Meeting members of the International Theological Commission, a body appointed by the pope and that works with the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, Pope Francis noted how few members are women.

Cindy Wooden, USCCB, November 30, 2023

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Asking pardon for speaking plainly, Pope Francis told members of the International Theological Commission that “one of the great sins we have had is ‘masculinizing’ the church,” which also can be seen by the fact that only five of the commission members are women.

The pope, who appoints the 28 members of the commission, said the church needs to make more progress in balancing such bodies because “women have a capacity for theological reflection that is different from what we men have.”

Pope Francis met members of the commission at the Vatican Nov. 30. He handed them a prepared text, which he described as a “beautiful speech with theological things,” but said that because of his ongoing respiratory problems due to bronchitis, “it’s better that I don’t read it.”

But greeting members of the group, the pope said that perhaps his conviction about the importance of women theologians comes from the fact that “I’ve studied a lot the theology of a woman,” Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, and her work on Father Romano Guardini, a German priest, philosopher and theologian, who died in 1968.

Coincidently, Gerl-Falkovitz is one of four German women who wrote to Pope Francis about their concerns regarding the German Catholic Church’s Synodal Path. In a letter published by a German newspaper Nov. 21, Pope Francis responded to the women saying, “I, too, share this concern about the numerous concrete steps that are now being taken by large parts of this local church that threaten to move further and further away from the common path of the universal church.”

Pope Francis told members of the commission that at the next meeting of his international Council of Cardinals, “we will have a reflection on the feminine dimension of the church.”

Providing no other details, he repeated what he has said in the past: “The church is woman. And if we do not understand who women are, what the theology of a woman is, we will never understand what the church is.”

The problem “is not solved in a ministerial way, that’s another thing,” he said, repeating his belief in the concept that in the church there is a “Petrine principle” and a “Marian principle” that describe the important but different roles women and men play in the Catholic Church.

“You can debate this, but the two principles are there,” the pope said. “It is more important to have the Marian (dimension) than the Petrine,” because the church is the bride of Christ.

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Men’s welfare victim of merciless feminist ideology

A recent article in The Australian newspaper had the headline MEN’S WELFARE AT THE MERCY OF FEMINIST IDEOLOGY. True that it is, a more accurate headline could have been MEN’S WELFARE VICTIM OF MERCILESS FEMINIST IDEOLOGY.

For most feminists, men are of no account in the furthering of their ideological goals. And for a few of psychopathic mentality, no cruelty in dealing with men is enough. That Australian article opened with the following paragraph:

“According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, our male suicide rate is overall three to four times higher than the female rate, and mainly involves men in mid-life. These are the major predictive facts about suicide: being male; being divorced, widowed or separated; living alone; being unemployed.”

One could add: being the victim of Australia’s Family Law Act, a legal instrument composed by feminists and agreed to by emasculated men.

Instead of falling into a state of depression, men have to do what the Left has always done: organize. For example, with policies that openly discriminate against men in work, it must be that all bets are off.

If laws are explictily disciminatory against men, in favour of women, men must apply their ingenuity to work out ways to get around the law. Men are now a long way behind, but a start must be made.

Those men in a position to act on behalf of men must act – or bear the contempt of their fellows for their cowardice.